DEMOCRAT Senator Calls For a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Huma Abedin (VIDEO): “Yes, It’s A Crime”

GEIST: “Democratic senator Richard Blumenthal. Good morning. Good to see you. Let me just start right there with that sound bite since we heard that question about Huma Abedin passing information on to Anthony Weiner. Do you believe that is a crime?”

BLUMENTHAL: “If there was classified information that was improperly passed to a person who was not authorized to receive it, yes, naturally it’s a crime. Without knowing what the intentions were, that is potentially a prosecutable crime.”

GEIST: “Isn’t that what Director Comey said, that there was classified information in some of those e-mails?”

BLUMENTHAL: “What he eventually concluded, the FBI, that is, was that they knew about all those e-mails before they undertook this additional investigation. So, there was nothing new to come from this additional trove of e-mails.”

SCARBOROUGH: “Was that a crime, though? You’re saying that was a crime, right?”

BRZEZINSKI: “Whether you had seen the e-mails before or not.”

SCARBOROUGH: “Because we’ve been talking about it this morning, Senator. We had a guest earlier saying it seems that General Petraeus got lighter treatment than a lot of people in the intel community thought he should have gotten and that affected the decisions made on Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin. You just said that based on the testimony yesterday, what she did was a crime. Should it have been prosecuted?”

BLUMENTHAL: “The question of whether it should have been prosecuted, and it still may be potentially, it’s not outside the statute of limitations as far as I know, it’s one that the Department of Justice will have to decide. And the question is, who will decide it? That’s why we need a special prosecutor to review all of this investigative material and questions, including the investigation of the Donald Trump campaign and its connection to Russian meddling in our elections. That’s the reason I’ve been calling for a special prosecutor.”