Germany: Over 400 police, raid, search, and close mosque that was recruiting for the Islamic State

Oddly enough, the Muslim moderates and reformists that no doubt made up the overwhelming majority of the members of this mosque did not rise up and expel those who were working for the Islamic State. The reason for the anomaly eludes authorities.

“Germany: Over 400 police raid mosque,” by Victor Laszlo, The Rebel, March 15, 2017:

Hundreds of police in Germany raided, searched and closed a mosque and eight homes, and banned the organization “German Islamic Circle of Hildesheim” on March 14.

Bild reports:

Concerning the ban and dissolution of the association, Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) said: “With the ban on the organization, a hotspot of the radical salafist scene in Germany was destroyed.” Muslims were targeted for indoctrination there to mobilize them to leave for Syria and Iraq, according to Pistorius. They were incited in the mosque of the DIK [German Islamic Circle] to the IS and to commit the most serious crimes. “The ban is a hard and important blow against Islamists in Lower Saxony.”

“About 50 people belonged to the hard core of the forbidden Islamic circle in Hildesheim, including a few dangerous ones,” reported Lower Saxony’s country’s president Uwe Binias at the press conference after the raid.

The DIK was already the subject of a search action last year. The analysis of the evidence secured at that time had confirmed the suspicion that Muslims in DIK Hildesheim were targets of radicalization in a conspiratorial way, a ministry spokesman said. They were incited to travel to Syria and Iraq and join ISIS there.

The assassin of the Berlin Christmas market, Anis Amri, had also stayed there in February 2016.

Sources: Jihad Watch and Vlad Tepes