Graphic: Images and video of Palm Sunday’s Coptic church bombings

The number of dead from the Palm Sunday bombings of two Coptic churches in Egypt has climbed to 50: thirty Christians were killed at the St. George Church in Tanta, and 15 Christians and five police officials were killed in St. Mark in Alexandria. About 120 are seriously injured.

Because Islamic suicide bombings are on the rise and we risk becoming desensitized to them, and because one picture is supposedly worth a thousand words, below are several images and a video of the bombings.

WARNING: Some of these are graphic.

Here’s a brief video — likely to be removed by YouTube soon — of some of the victims of the Tanta attack; note the woman whose left leg appears to have been severed from her body during the blast but remains held together in her pants — as well as the dead little girl.

The first pictures of Coptic Pope Tawadros, who was in the St. Mark Church during the attack, and reportedly could not speak or make any comment for some time.

Lucy, the youngest victim of the St Mark bombing:

General pictures of the explosions’ aftermath:

Source: Jihad Watch