Happening Now: Muslim Riots In Rotterdam, Netherlands

On Saturday the Dutch government withdrew landing permission for a Turkish foreign minister’s aircraft, sparking a furious reaction by Turkish president Recep Erdogan and escalating a diplomatic dispute between the two NATO allies.

The primary concern of the Dutch was the Islamic Turks inability to assemble without violence in Rotterdam.  Throughout the day tensions grew until finally a full-blown Islamist riot began and the Dutch government were forced to respond with riot police.

Happening Now: Muslim Riots In Rotterdam, Netherlands

Unfortunately, this behavior is exactly what the Dutch predicted would happen, and it would appear the Turkish Muslims were determined to prove the Dutch authority correct.

In another Ironic twist, the behavior by the Muslim Turkish constituency in Rotterdam will most likely aid a political resurgence of Dutch Nationalist Gert Wilders who has promised to rid the country of radical Islamists.

(Via AP) Rotterdam – Ahmed Aboutayeb said early Sunday that the Turkish family affairs minister is being escorted back to the German border from where she came after she tried to reach the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam against the wishes of the Dutch government.

“The minister is on her way to Germany,” Aboutayeb said after an extraordinary standoff between a minister from a NATO ally and an overwhelming police force.

“She was called an unwanted foreigner by the government and the rules say you send someone back to the country she came from,” he said.

Hundreds of pro-Turkey protesters scuffled with police as authorities tried to end a demonstration at the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam, where a Turkish minister fruitlessly tried to enter the compound.

At one stage, protesters were throwing bottles and mobbing police vehicles as they moved away from the consulate in central Rotterdam. But soon, police charged on horseback and moved forward with batons wielding.   It was unclear if people were detained or injured.

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