HEAD START PROGRAM: 4-year-old had marijuana, scales at school, deputies say ( VIDEO )

Investigators in Chester, South Carolina, said a 4-year-old was found with drugs at school.

Parents picking their children up from North Chester Head Start on Monday didn’t know about the child with drugs on campus until WSOC-TV told them.

“It’s scary. It really is,” a parent, Stacey Jones, said.

Jones remembers seeing narcotics officers at the school Thursday.

“They were standing in the front office just talking to the teachers and stuff,” Jones said.

One of those teachers opened the child’s book bag and found marijuana and scales for weighing the drugs inside.

Sheriff’s deputies said it’s still an ongoing case, so they are not releasing more information.

The scales are often used by drug dealers to measure and bag portions of marijuana to sell.

Sheriff’s investigators said they are following leads in the case and hope to have more information they can release soon.