Here’s what Sean Hannity says about reports that he’s thinking of leaving Fox News

Sean Hannity posted tweets on Monday in order to decline reports that he was seeking to exit his hosting responsibilities at Fox News for a newer opportunity. Rumors grew after he seemed disturbed over a report that his ex – producer and Fox News co-president Bill Shine was about to get fired. That report ended up being correct, as Fox News declared Shine’s sudden departure on Monday.

“If I have anything to say about Fox News I will say it tonight at 10 est,” Hannity tweeted. “All I’ll say now is this is true.”

The tweet linked to a report from IJ Review quoting a source that said Hannity was not negotiating for an exit at all.

Hannity had responded on Twitter to the earlier reports that Shine was being fired by saying that if it were true, it would be the “total end” of Fox News. An email from Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch confirmed the news Monday, leading to the speculation that Hannity might leave the network.

Hannity did not address the controversy on his show Monday, though he seemed to relish the idea that media reporters might had tuned in to see if he would.

The talk show host has also been using his soapbox on Fox News to tie his fortunes to Trump by telling his audience that he’s being targeted by “liberal fascist” media because he supports the president. In rancorous monologues, Hannity assailed the media for reporting a claim by a former guest that she had been banned after refusing his suggestion that she go to his hotel. She later denied accusing him of sexual harassment, but said the story was true, and she might countersue Hannity.


Source: The Blaze