Jeff Sessions: ‘Pedogate is a Very Real Epidemic That we Must Destroy’

Attorney General vows to take down elite pedophile rings

Speaking to a packed out room of top federal and state law enforcers, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has acknowledged that the pedophilia and child trafficking problem in the United States is getting worse but vowed to do everything in his power to destroy it.

Addressing police and prosecutors in Atlanta for a conference on child exploitation, including child pornography and sex trafficking this week, Sessions warned that the pedophile epidemic in the US much more severe that he first realized, but that tackling the issue is a “top priority” of the State Departement and the Trump Administration.

AG Sessions said that his office is dealing with thousands of cases, but powerful Elites are abusing their power to avoid prosecution, and advances in technology are making it easier to continue with their crimes avoiding prosecution.

During his powerful speech, Mr. Sessions also advised law enforcers that taking down high-level pedophiles may be intimidating, but reinforced that their “evil” must be stopped and they should keep in mind that they are “rescuing and protecting innocent children”, saying; “Few confront evil as terrible as what you face every day. You stand up to predators who think nothing of destroying the souls of children just to make a buck or fulfill their own twisted fantasies.”

“You see wickedness that no one should ever have to see — and suffering and cruelty that few people can imagine.”

“Your work takes you to dark places — both virtual places and real ones — places that no one should ever have to visit.”

“You do the gut-wrenching work of collecting and reviewing the evidence of these crimes.”

“You interview victims, help them tell their stories as witnesses, and support them as they recover and build new lives.”

“It is tempting to become discouraged in the midst of all this.

But you persevere, and for good reason.

“Few others can say that their work matters so much.

You are rescuing and protecting innocent children, and bringing to justice truly evil people who commit horrific crimes.

“Few others can say that their work matters so much. You are rescuing and protecting innocent children, and bringing to justice truly evil people who commit horrific crimes.”

“For this, you have my admiration and my gratitude.”

“You also have my commitment that as long as I am Attorney General, the Department of Justice will continue to strongly support your work.”

Sessions revealed that 8,800 people have been arrested in connection with Pedogate in the last year, but warned that working up to the top of the chain faced very different challenges, saying: “Amid these heroic efforts, we also know the challenge we face today is greater than ever before.”

“I prosecuted a good number of child pornography cases when I was a United States Attorney three decades ago. But the landscape has changed profoundly since those days, as all of you know firsthand.”

“By all accounts, the scourge of child exploitation is getting worse.”

“We know that just here in the United States, many thousands of criminals are involved in this exploitation.”

“Investigations and prosecutions of child exploitation are increasing, while the victims are getting even younger.”

“No place is safe for our kids — not even our homes or schools.”

“These depraved people are always looking for an edge, so they can continue to exploit kids and avoid justice.”

“It’s crucial that we continue to adapt to their tactics; learn about the latest investigative technologies and techniques, and share ideas with each other.

That’s what all of you will be doing this week.”

“It’s also crucial for us to build and strengthen partnerships.”

“We know the child pornographers, sextortionists, and human traffickers work together and help each other, so we need a united front to stop them.”

Sessions said incarceration may be the only sure way to stop people accused of committing sex crimes against children from abusing others in the future.

Liberal critics say more imprisoning of pedophiles and human traffickers will make prisons overcrowded without a long-term benefit.

Rounding up his emotionally charged statements, AG Sessions issued a warning for child abusing Elites and sex trafficking rings who believe they are above the law.

Vowing that law enforcement will “stand together” with the people to eliminate the pedophilia networks he described as the “darkest side of humanity”, he said: “You will not harm our kids.”

“And we will never rest until we find you and bring you to justice for your appalling acts.”

Source: Neon Nettle