Jerry Brown is Pretending to be President With THIS Latest Move

Attorney General Jerry Brown speaks news conference disclose new developments in his prope of excessive salaries in the City of Bell, in Los Angeles Monday, July 19, 2010. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Nutty California Governor Jerry Brown is playing “president.”

Instead of focusing on the horrific financial mess his state is in or relieving the tax burden for the citizens of his state, he’s running around pretending to be the leader of the free world and signing climate deals with China.

On Tuesday, Governor Moonbat signed the deal with The People’s Republic of China, which means absolutely nothing.

The gesture continued Brown’s efforts to expand ties with China, as well as his diplomatic campaign to push for more action on climate change. It came in the immediate aftermath of President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords.

A statement by Gov. Brown’s office described the new agreement as follows:

Specifically, the agreement expands cooperation on the advancement of low-carbon, renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies such as zero-emission vehicles, energy storage, grid modernization and low-carbon urban development. Under the agreement, California and China will also deepen their partnership and coordination on greenhouse gas emission and air pollution reduction programs, including emissions trading systems and carbon capture.

The Associated Press reports, however, that the agreement does not bind either China or California to specific greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

Brown met for 45 minutes with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The AP reports that “Trump’s announcement last week that he wants to pull out of the Paris accord did not come up, according to the governor.”

Brown’s China visit was not the first time that he has attempted to lead on the world stage. In late 2015, he traveled to Paris — in the immediate aftermath of the San Bernardino terror attack — to participate in the global discussions around the climate change accords that eventually emerged — and which President Trump subsequently rejected.

The governor has also championed California’s role in the “Under2” coalition, a grouping of subnational jurisdictions (such as states and provinces) that have committed to address climate change.

Sources: AP, Breitbart, and Truthfeed