LEAKED DOCUMENT : President Macron Plans Total Islamization of France

Moments ago, France voted for it’s own destruction as European Union puppet Emmanuel Macron was victorious by a large margin over French nationalist Marine Le Pen.

An independent blog is making quite a claim about Macron.

Namely, that Macron’s leaked emails contains information that shows he is planning on proposing initiatives that will lead to the islamization of France and Europe.

The Macron leaks contain secret proposals that would lead to the islamization of France and Europe. These are shown in a Powerpoint presentation which appears to have come from the Institut Montaigne. Harmonising education between countries on different sides of the Mediterranean is one of the key objectives.

Create a common history textbook with Italy, Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia (3) in order to put in historical perspective the mutual contributions and religious convergences between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

Within the 3+3 framework, we recommend the creation of a commission of historians responsible for drawing up a common history textbook. The aim of this work will be:

-to create a common base of objective historical knowledge founded on the logic of a historical “draw” [stalemate]

– to develop a sense of belonging to a common history

– to reduce the fantasies of victimization on one side as well as civilizational superiority on the other

The document also recommends the introduction of Arabic teaching to French schools, including bi-lingual classes. This is justified by with the claim that Muslims are currently getting their “Arabic fix” from mosques, where they risk being radicalized. I previously noted that “soft islamization” is being advocated as the remedy for “hard islamization” and that this represents a kind of de facto reward being offered to jihad violence. Jihad gets results. It leads to societies being islamized, one way or the other.

Other plans for measures to islamize France include facilitating mosque construction by making it easier to arrange finance for it and providing reserved Muslim areas in municipal cemeteries. Again this is justified by claiming that it will lead to the emergence of a “French Islam”.


For those expressing scepticism about this, here is more information. The exact email is called “Fwd: Notes à date (1) : REGALIEN”, sent by quentin.lafay@gmail.com to sarah.gallitre@gmail.com and amiel.dvd@gmail.com on 31 August 2016. It can be found in the quentin.lafay archive within the set of Macron Leaks files.

As this Figaro article shows, some references to these proposals have already been made in the mainstream press so it is not even that far-out in terms of the thinking of the left-wing intelligentsia in France. What wasn’t known was that Macron’s people were on board with it.

Sources: Truthfeed and diversitymachtfrei.blogspot