London jihad murderer UK-born Muslim named Khalid Masood

Foes of immigration controls are crowing over this jihad murderer having been born in Britain rather than being a “refugee” from somewhere else. But that is to obscure two problems: the very real one of jihadis entering the UK and other non-Muslim countries in the refugee stream, and the virtually ignored problem of what is being taught in mosques and Islamic schools that are already established in Western countries. It is “racist” and “Islamophobic” to call for monitoring of mosques, but where did Khalid Masood learn his understanding of Islam as requiring him to murder Infidels? Was he “radicalized on the Internet”? Then why wasn’t the supposedly peaceful Islam he learned at his local mosque not sufficient to withstand the appeal of the supposedly twisted, hijacked version he learned online? There needs to be a serious discussion of when religious freedom ends and sedition and subversion and treason begin. Religious freedom is not a license to kill or to exhort people to kill. The freedoms that people enjoy in Western societies were never envisioned as to be enjoyed even at the expense of the lives of other people or the health of those societies.

“London attacker identified as ‘British-born’ Khalid Masood,” Al Arabiya, March 23, 2017:

The man who mowed down pedestrians and stabbed a policeman in an assault on the heart of British democracy was 52-year-old Khalid Masood, who was born in Kent in southeast England, police said on Thursday.

London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement that Masood was known by “a number of aliases” and had been living in the West Midlands, which includes the city of Birmingham where there was an armed police raid overnight.

“The man was British born and… some years ago he was once investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism,” Prime Minister Theresa May told parliament on Thursday, adding: “He was not part of the current intelligence picture.”

She said there had been no prior intelligence of his intent nor of the plot

Source: Jihad Watch