Manchester jihad mass murderer’s younger brother arrested in Libya for ties to the Islamic State

“Salman Abedi’s younger brother arrested in Libya over alleged Isis links”

Libyan authorities say they have arrested Hashem Abedi, the younger brother of Manchester attacker Salman Abedi, in Tripoli on suspicion of links to Isis.

A local counter terror force known as Rada detained Mr Abedi, 20, on Tuesday evening.

His brother Salman Abedi killed 22 people and injured many more after detonating a suicide bomb at a concert in Manchester on Monday night.

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Hashem Abedi had been in touch with attacker Salman Abedi, spokesman Ahmed Bin Salem told Reuters.

“We have evidence that he is involved in Daesh (Isis) with his brother,” Mr Bin Salem said. We have been following him for more than one month and a half.”

“He was in contact with his brother and he knew about the attack.”

Salman Abedi is also believed to have spent time in Libya, from where his family originates, prior to the attack.

The north African country is highly unstable and home to numerous militias and factions, including Isis and other Islamist extremists.

Another sibling, Ismail Abedi, 23, was arrested yesterday in Manchester by UK counter-terror officers.

The Abedi parents are living in Libya and have reportedly denied their son’s involvement in the attack

Source: Independent