MSNBC Claims Putin Ordered The Chemical Attack on Civilians in Syria

THE LAST WORD WITH LAWRENCE O'DONNELL -- Pictured: Lawrence O'Donnell, Host -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/MSNBC)

News network claims Russia behind attack to provoke Trump

News network MSNC has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the chemical attack that killed 80 Syrian civilians, including 30 children, to provoke the US and Donald Trump.

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During MSNBC show, The Last Word, anchor Lawrence O’Donnell states that Putin ordered Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad, a close ally of Russia, to attack his own people with deadly Sarin gas to “get Trump’s attention”.

Lawrence, who doesn’t provide any evidence or concrete basis for his conspiracy theory, goes on to explain that President Trump found out about the attacks in Syria “whilst he was watching TV and saw it on the news”.

He argued that it’s conceivable that Putin could have told Bashar al-Assad to carry out a small chemical attack “just big enough to attract media attention so that my friend in the White House will see it on TV” and then Trump can fire missiles that will “do no real damage” to ensure that the U.S. media will “change the subject from Russian influence” on the White House.

O’Donnell said it certainly “changes the conventional wisdom” about the dynamic between Trump and Russia, “as long as you never, never question whether Vladimir Putin wanted all of this to happen this week.”

And when O’Donnell brought on his panel, he immediately made it clear that he does not know what the probability of this is, but he knows it’s not zero:

“I raise it without assigning a statistical probability to it, I don’t know what it is. I just know that it’s not zero, and it should be zero. It has been zero with every previous president. But when you look at the way that events have unfolded this week, Donald Trump could not have asked for a better end of the week for his presidency as he sees it.”

According to the MSNBC host, the attacks were part of a deep collusion between the Trump Administration and Russia to end the rumors about Trump working with the Russians by making their relationship appear tense in the media due to the threat of World War 3.

It is widely believed that the chemical attack in Syria was a false flag event, engineered by the US to trigger a military offensive strike from the United States.

Experts, including former Congressman Ron Paul, have openly expressed this belief and condemned the airstrikes which saw 59 Tomahawk missiles launched from a US Navy Destroyer and take out a Syrian airbase.

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