Schumer Can’t Name Even One Democrat Who Could Beat Trump in 2020 Election

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer couldn’t give MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt a single name when she asked him Friday which Democrats could beat President Trump in 2020.

Image result for chuck schumer msnbc“Lots of people,” the New York Democrat first responded, prompting Hunt to ask him to provide just “one name.”

“I’m not going to pick a name.”

Hunt then asked Schumer who he thinks “is the leader of the Democratic party.”

“We have a bunch of leaders,” he dodged, yet again. “You know, I certainly am the leader of the Senate, and I try to represent the Democratic Party, but we have a lot of good voices.”

“It’s much too premature to handicap 2020, but I’ll tell you this. If the president continues in the rest of his first two years as he did in his first 100 days, there is a chance we could take back the Senate.”

The Democrat party is in turmoil. Their anti-American, anti-white, pro-Islam message is failing. Americans are sick of the failing policies from the left; we are sick of the non-stop negativity. Americans want jobs and security. Trump is able to convey that message, not the clowns on the left.
Source: Daily Caller