Team Clinton Planned Gorsuch Filibuster as Payback for Losing the Election

A slew of Democrats and progressives have been joined by a top Hillary lieutenant in their effort to block the Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch.

These bitter losers are doing this because they STILL believe the “Russia hysteria” and therefore question the legitimacy of President Trump’s election.

From the Washington Examiner

Pushing a theory that Trump’s election was improperly bolstered by Russia, former Clinton-era Labor Secretary Robert Reich said for, “until we know he is a legitimate president, Trump can’t be presumed to have the authority to make such a pick.”

And on Sunday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign communications director said a filibuster is the only course of action for Democrats until the investigation into Russia’s 2016 efforts is done.

“If Clinton had won with the help of the Russians, the Republicans would have impeachment proceedings underway for treason,” Jennifer Palmieri wrote in the Washington Post.


Sources: Washington Post and Truthfeed