Uncovered ISIS Message Directs Sleeper Cells in US and Europe

The Islamic State group may be losing ground in their self-proclaimed caliphate in Iraq and Syria, but that doesn’t mean they are any less dangerous. In recent weeks alone, deadly attacks from Sunni extremists have been carried out in the United Kingdom, the southern Philippines and even in the heart of Shiite Iran.

The release of new audio clip urging jihadist attacks around the world indicates more attacks could be imminent.

Though the audio has yet to be independently verified, the voice is said to be strikingly similar to that of Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer, official spokesman of the Islamic State group, Reuters reported.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, al-Muhajer proclaimed, “O lions of Mosul, Raqqa, and Tal Afar, God bless those pure arms and bright faces, charge against the rejectionists and the apostates and fight them with the strength of one man.”

The terms “rejectionists” is believed to be a derogatory term describing Muslims who follow the Shiite branch of Islam, but could also apply to anyone who doesn’t believe in the same sort of fundamentalist Islamism followed by these jihadists.

“To the brethren of faith and belief in Europe, America, Russia, Australia, and others,” al-Muhajer continued. “Your brothers in your land have done well so take them as role models and do as they have done.”

The Atlantic noted the message comes in the middle of an exceptionally bloody month of Ramadan. The Muslim holy month is a time of fasting and prayer for moderates, but for the Islamic extremists it is time kill non-believers in the name of Allah.

Indeed, the Islamic State group even refers to Ramadan as “the holy month of jihad” and frequently launched attacks to coincide with the Islamic observance.

Unfortunately, it is very likely we will see more deadly assaults around the globe between now and the end of Ramadan on June 24, perhaps even here in America.

There is little doubt that Islamic State group members and followers — or even “lone wolves” inspired by the terror outfit — are entrenched in the U.S. in sleeper cells, just waiting to wreak havoc and, in their view, attain martyrdom through sacrificing themselves in the slaughter of infidels.

This audio message could very well have been the message the sleeper cells and lone aspiring jihadists were waiting to receive. Let’s hope our nation’s authorities can thwart any attacks before it’s too late.

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Sources: Reuters, Daily Mail, The Atlantic, and Conservative Tribune