VIRAL TWEET : Rob Schneider DESTROYS the Sore Loser Democrats’ Russia Obsession

All it took was one extremely viral tweet for comedian Rob Schneider to completely humiliate every CNN-watching sore loser Democrat who is obsessed with Trump-Russia conspiracies.

As some Democratic Party leaders point to alleged Russian meddling for their candidate’s loss in the presidential race last November, one comedian suggested in a tweet Wednesday that the real issue lies within the party.

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Rob Schneider included a series of recent party losses — culminating in Donald Trump’s surprise electoral defeat of Hillary Clinton — in making his case.

Who knew Rob would expose the TRUTH???

Here it is:

He got plenty of support from fellow Twitter users who believe Democrats deserve all the blame for the failures of their party.

LMAO !!  Gotta LOVE This !!

Sources: Western Journalism and Truthfeed